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Welcome to the Wiki for XEML Environment Ontology (XEO) !

This is a community driven site about how to deal with environmental conditions in plant biology.

XeO has been created to help plant scientists in documenting and sharing metadata describing the abiotic environment. It is available in XML, OWL and OBO (see release section). The last release of XeO is hosted at MPI MP Golm at

You can find information and a discussion about the ontology terms, and how environmental conditions vary in nature and are best measured, controlled and reported here. This is originally supplemental information to the following article: Jan Hannemann, Hendrik Poorter, Björn Usadel, Oliver E. Bläsing, Alex Finck, Francois Tardieu, Owen K. Atkin, Thijs Pons, Mark Stitt & Yves Gibon (2009) Xeml Lab: a tool that supports the design of experiments at a graphical interface and generates computer-readable metadata files, which capture information about genotypes, growth conditions, environmental perturbations and sampling strategy Plant, Cell & Environment Volume 32, Issue 9, Pages 1185-1200. This article should be cited if the information in XeO terms is used in an article.

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